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About me


My name is Ingunn Ripe and I am an approved healer and medium in the Norwegian Spiritualist Association. I was born in Western Norway, raised in Eastern Norway and are now living in Central Norway. I feel privileged to experience beautiful Norway from several starting points, as nature has a strong positive impact on my energy.

I am a trained dental technician and have run a full-service dental technical laboratory for 18 years. Has also worked as a teacher at Oslo University College for periods. I am a qualified doctor in dentistry, naturopathy and psychology. In October 2023, I will open a new health center in Trondheim and Cape Verde.

There have been many assignments over the years, which have given me a lot of learning and joy. Through the organization's work, I have also traveled a lot and been able to greet different cultures and lifestyles, which has made me stronger and more aware of who I AM!

As a writer and visual artist, I get to bring out universal wisdom to the great joy and benefit of my heart. That both my children also have this interest, makes us strong and "colorful" together!

You can find my daughter's art on her

My son's works are on:

My life has presented many challenges and the most beautiful thing about my life story is probably that I have managed to bring love and joy forward, even though my story could indicate that the breeding ground for bitterness could have been richer.

My conscious path into the planet of the soul began abruptly and unexpectedly. When I had a near-death experience, life “opened up” to me in several dimensions. Heavy questions were answered, and I gained access to a larger picture of the whole. This changed the person in me, and the belief that there was a meaning to life was confirmed. The feeling of finally being whole became a decisive turning point for better or worse.

Love is the key! My love and faith in it put me in touch with so many beautiful and unique living beings. Together we work closely together and the team is large! My teachers are full of love, inspiration and wisdom. I have probably been working for love all my life, but the awareness of the management of love as a healer and medium has been with me since adulthood.

Welcome to love in love!

The soul image of me drawn by Inger Lisbeth Sagflaatt
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