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Ufology World Congress 2023 in Barcelona

Dear Holistic Therapies and Ufology Lovers This coming 22nd, 23rd and 24th of September I will be offering my Workshop "World Class” at the 7th Edition of the Ufology World Congress 2023 that will take place at the Hotel Illunion - Les Corts in Barcelona. Get ready for an experience that will change your perspective of the universe at The Ufology World Congress Barcelona. Join the biggest ufology event in Europe and explore the unexplained! Click this link to purchase your ticket #UfologyWorldCongress #DiscoverTheUnknown #Barcelona #ExclusiveTickets #StellatedNights

Ingunn Ripe is the founder of Divine Love Power, an advanced healer, medium, author, and speaker that has built healing centers in Europe and Africa to give people their own tools for self-love and healing.

In 2018 Ingunn started a voluntary organization called Vitam Focus. In this organization the body, mind, spirit and soul gets to be in full focus and everyone gets to be the creative person that we are.

Ingunn Ripe is concerned with creating balance in life as she believes this is the path to love. First and foremost to find self-love, then to attract the same from the environment.

Ingunn Ripe also originated from Spica, known to many as the "star of Bethlehem" and her power is to "lead in the service of light"! This is something she loves and is very good at! Everywhere she goes, the power in man is "awakened" and makes one want to reach for higher aspects of oneself. It is very special to witness, and the best thing is that everyone feels connected to her in several ways. As "old" was known from a bygone era. At Ingunn, you get to feel the real, the strong and authentic love that we want to find in ourselves. Just being in the same room as her makes you vibrate in tune with the Divine! For her, it is love on the agenda and she is interested in soul meetings and being present! At Ingunn Ripe's lectures, you will never go home disappointed.

At her workshop you will be guided through strong meditations, where you will be able to reconnect to your higher authentic power and open your dormant DNA, by activating your 13 bodies through your light portal. When doing this, you are at the frequency of self-love.

See you in Barcelona,

Love from Team Divine

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