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Welcome to Divine love power, where you will find various self-help tools on the way to self-love

Youth & Mental Health

Help our voluntary organization Vitam Focus to contribute to comprehensive help for youth and mental health. We are headquartered in Bergen, so the money will go to open new premises in Trondheim and Oslo where young people can get their local place. The money will also be used to hold live broadcasts where all young people can participate, including English speakers. Youth and mental health are in focus, and we want to help create holistic motivation and offers for all young people! We have with us​​ a bunch of excellent professionals with cutting-edge expertise who are committed to making a holistic difference for young people. It is extremely important to meet the youth where they are, to motivate through creativity, and to create an open arena where everyone can feel protected. Furthermore, we want to spend the money on live broadcasts for young people where our psychologists and trainers, as well as stress management therapists, can reach those who can not participate in the social space. Here, the young people will have an open panel where no questions are stupid, as well as the opportunity to get extra help if necessary. We work from the heart, and many hearts will probably rejoice when we finally start this important work. WE WANT ALL CONTRIBUTIONS ️ WELCOME!

Thank you for all the gifts donated to U&M. We have opened up new departments in Trondheim and Oslo and are very grateful for all the support.

Many of the young people we have been lucky enough to be in creativity and joy with have found their inherent creative abilities through Vitam Focus. We have supported them in getting an outlet for their creativity by giving them the opportunity to face their challenges in everyday life. Challenges that are not so easy to face alone, but which together contribute to new learning, understanding, trust and respect. We all have an artist in us! 

Nurture the artist you ARE!

Bonfire ceremonies performed from India

My good soulmate Baskaran is a physician and spiritual leader from South India. His personal task at Mother Earth is to teach and use his abilities to make human time here on earth livable. He has managed to carry out his intention in India: - provide food to millions of hungry people

- provide a comprehensive education system for poor children

- food and domestic help for poor elderly people living on the streets.


He gives the poor and sick in India a good place to be and an opportunity to be cared for holistically.

Baskaran has many who work in teams with him, and with his own Ayurvedic priests who specialize in various life themes, he offers various rituals and prayer to those who may need this!

I have personally used him and it is absolutely amazing!

Read more about the full moon ceremony


On my website there will be various offers from Baskaran that will be carried out on his behalf. Feel free to follow along and sign up if you feel this may be of interest to you.


A tutorial class involves having someone to talk to and receiving good advice and tools to cope with so many challenges in everyday life.

One  healing time  takes place in several ways. I use my abilities to be able to meet you where you need to.

As a channel "in between" you and spirit  I will be able to give you a channeling.

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