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Here you can learn a little more about what light language is:

Light Language

Bright language, the new form of communication:

Light language is an ancient and futuristic form of communication used for life, which resonates with the soul - rather than the logical mind tied to understanding through a specific perception.

Light Language is a channeled cosmic language that distributes sound and energy to convey messages - interpreted by the heart, speaking familiarly to your soul rather than to your programmed hearing and brain. This allows you to consume information differently by expanding your senses.

There is no direct word for word translation for Light Language, it is a collection of energy that is quantum digested within. It's about how the transmission makes you feel - rather than how you "think" about the information or sound coming through.

The purpose of Light Language is to shift your energy to a higher octave. You can feel this when you tune in~ As your energy rises through your senses - your brain is triggered into a gamma state, where you become receptive and let go of control over your senses, therefore allowing the frequency to shift to expand your mental, emotional and spiritual capacity. This then allows you to tap into a realm of wisdom, healing, regeneration and activation.

Bright language is meant to set you free.

Light Language helps to activate the dormant parts of the DNA - open your third eye, and remind you of your mission-purpose-power-true-soul-essence and where you come from.

One may not fully understand how this is possible by listening to words - but again Light Language is a transmission of energy and frequency that appears to be what we recognize as "sound".

Light language is expressed through many different forms of translation ~ binaural beats, physical pulses, physical movement and mudras, channeled audible vocals and even written symbols.

Like ancient hieroglyphs—they tell a story beyond conceptual language—one symbol often translates paragraphs of potent information.

All light languages are different - just as there are many different languages on earth, and different dialects within these categories - the same is true for light languages. All yslanguage is channeled - that means it is channeled through a stream of higher consciousness and translated through the being that acts as a channel for these codes.

When I say Light Language is coded - I am referring to the energy embedded in the words of the expressed language.

For me; when I channel- I experience a full trance-like energy wash over me immediately that fills my entire body with light. Bringing in harmony, personal power and a certain familiar remembrance of who and what I am at the core. I can physically feel this - and my mental, emotional and spiritual self also responds in full confidence as my ego recedes and my vessel is used as a source. This energy I feel pulsing through me - is then translated through a series of sounds. As humans we have been trained to understand through sound - so it is a bridge that we use to connect the frequencies to the higher realms and translate them into a form that humans can consume.

Often I will be given a general theme regarding the transmission and its purpose, but it is based on the listener's receptivity; about how much will be received.

You may notice a familiar feeling when you receive the transmission either through sight or sound - it triggers an awakening and activation of codes embedded in your body. Your DNA recognizes these frequencies and adapts accordingly.

Listen to one of my most popular light language meditations; and see what pops up for you. This one has specifically been reported to "help people remember their Starseed lineage" and I have received MANY positive reactions - people falling into trance or meditation and being taken back to their starships and shown the powerful TRUTH of who they are .

Blå himmel
Blå himmel
Indre urkraft til styrkeIngunn Ripe
00:00 / 02:49
Transformasjon fra AkitaresIngunn Ripe
00:00 / 02:17

These light language channelings are brought in for the purpose of reminding you of your own power. You will feel a new kind of vitality and belonging by listening to these repeatedly. You will integrate stronger awareness of your own origins.

Blå himmel

Light language through signs:

By looking at this image for 3-5 minutes every day for 7 days you will be able to cleanse your 3 eye and inject new conscious energy into your transformation of forming your light body.

If you choose to listen to Transformation from Akitares, the audio file, you will achieve a stronger effect.

"Key to Inner Power"

By looking at the picture "Key to inner power" 3-7 minutes every day over a longer period, you will receive the light codes that are individually adapted to you in order to bring out your inner power. All light codes work individually, and speak to our DNA completely differently. Everyone will receive to their highest good.

"Key to Inner Power"
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