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"We can all make a difference by starting with ourselves!"

The universal life energy is a powerful natural energy that flows through all of us. The basic energy that has created us and that constantly flows through all living beings. The energy is available to everyone and through healing we can get a new supply of this energy to be able to create physical and mental balance.

When you come to my class, my prayers are that you will receive for the highest good for you. Of course, no one can guarantee results, as it is illegal to promise improvement or healing in accordance with Norwegian law. Your highest self knows your life map and know what you need to be working on next. As I am a channel for the energy of love and in addition carry integrated experience and thus wisdom through my vibrations, there will be good cooperation on various levels of consciousness. The first thing that happens is that you receive and balance energy in your own energy system. A "cleansing" occurs and you will be able to experience openings of various blockages. Blockages that naturally have arisen as a result of various thoughts, experiences, phobias, diseases, traumas or pain. When blockages are released, your whole being will be able to notice change on different levels of consciousness.

Each treatment is different, as we are all carriers of different experiences and integrated experiences.

It is an honor and a pleasure to be a part of your path back to self-love and higher consciousness!

"You are loved"

In Latin, medium means "to be in the middle, which carries or transports something." This is exactly how I feel in these meetings, that I am a channel in the middle and a communicator.

The beauty of being a channel between the spirit world and humans is all the love that is exchanged. A duct can open so very much in us, and it is good to be a mediator who through these important meetings can both open up for redemption, purification and healing.

My body absorbs a lot through different senses that are not only related to the 6 senses. We humans have a greater "range" of expanded sensory consciousness than we are used to in everyday life. This can also be practiced, but mainly I feel that it is the perceptions we have for the use of the senses that mainly mean that we also "block" these unique sensory experiences. When these perceptions are set aside a little, the senses can be understood on a higher plane of consciousness. It is as if a whole new universe is revealed and intuition no longer becomes just a "gut feeling" but a direct compass you gain confidence in.  

I remember well the first time I deliberately made contact with a family member who had passed away. It made a strong impression on me to experience that she lived in the best of circumstances and that she could also communicate with me in an easy and nice way.

It was good to experience her happy and healthy, as she was very ill before she died. She was so ill that I did not get the opportunity to be with her when she passed away. It really hurt not to be able to say goodbye. But then she came to me from the other side and we have been in good contact ever since.

Through experience, I have noticed that in the spirit world you get access to a lot of new information when you have passed on. Information you do not even know about when you live on earth. Therefore, I experience great blessing when family and friends finally get to greet their loved ones from the other side and that the communication creates a nice framework and end to earth life.

This is to the good benefit of those who remain, so that they have the opportunity to let go of the old and move on with their lives. It is also important for the one who has passed over that these old bonds are released, so that peace can take over.

A medium communicates with spirit, that is, also light beings such as angels, guides, masters, goddesses, power animals, archetypes and many more beautiful beings. I am very grateful to be able to convey this contact to those who may need such a session. It can be strengthening and healing for those concerned. A feeling of wisdom and love.

"We are all personally responsible for our own actions."

The word regression means going back to the source of the problem. I am one of the lucky ones who has been allowed to learn about regression by Andy Tomlison who is a trained psychologist, psychotherapist, Earth certified regression therapist and MNI certified "life between Lives" therapist. Andy has worked with private practice in regression  since 1996.  

What is regression therapy? The information about this is taken from the Norwegian Association for Regression Therapy:

Regression therapy is based on forgotten experiences that are stored in the subconscious and the body. Such experiences can originate from childhood or the time before birth, or what can be experienced as a past life. These memories can be disruptive to our mental, emotional, and mental well-being. We can work directly with physical and mental problems from the current life, but we can also choose to move to a previous life with a similar theme and process the problem there. This can provide a necessary distance and less emotional strain for the client. One does not have to believe in reincarnation for this therapy to have an effect. But as a working model, we take as our starting point that the soul returns to life time and time again to work further on specific topics and eventually resolve them. The body and mind obviously carry memories of events and impressions that can have mental and physical consequences. Migraines or chronic back pain can tell something about an accident or injury in a previous life. Chronic sore throat can result from suffocation, hanging or drowning. Fear of confined spaces can be due to experiences in prison, and so on.  

It is often difficult or impossible to explain these mental and physical symptoms from the life we live now. Regression therapy can help us find such an understanding. We can come to terms with situations we did not understand, get relief from tensions and symptoms, and forgive and understand people we may have a difficult relationship with.

"You are unique! With your magical soul, you have it all!"

I am very interested in meditating as I am of the opinion that meditation is the right path to self-development. It is a real pleasure to guide children and young people in guided powerful meditations. Some of the meditations have also been recorded in the studio, and there will be some new meditations in the future. Below you have a unique collection of the most important meditations that deal with the whole in which you were created on Mother Earth with connection to Father Sun. It is very important for us to keep a good contact with our guides and angels, so I have created a meditation that deals with meeting the guides. You will have new experiences every time you play these meditations. Remember to meditate, it is very important for your inner dialogue with yourself. When you sign up as a member, you will get three meditations for free.

You are most welcome to my online store "Divine Shop" where you can buy the download of this entire album: 

"Let yourself shine like the crystal you ARE"

Crystal Healing

One day while meditating, I was guided into a crystal cave of high-rised magical crystals. The power was high and very comfortable. Was able to feel a gentle breeze of kindness and strong belonging here. Several light figures entered the cave with me, and it was a very strong encounter with old "acquaintances". These were priests from the Pleiades who had come to open my awareness of the life I had on Atlantis in the last epoch about 13-14,000 years ago. This life was very important in terms of coding crystals on Mother Earth so that "heavenly communications" could occur for the joy and wisdom of the people. This type of communication was my work at the time. 

There was a much higher consciousness among the people at that time and love was our compass. These powerful beautiful memories became very important for my current "journey" on earth. It took great commitment on my part and complete peace to be able to open up to all this wisdom. After several years out at sea, I now feel strong and ready. It also gave me an explanation for why my life was suddenly "turned upside down" - I was called "home".  


The short version of crystal technology:

To convey more about this wisdom from Atlantis, which existed in a higher consciousness, our DNA was perfect, and not as in our time where our DNA is split and hidden in our cells so that our consciousness has been "trapped" in a lower consciousness for hundreds of thousands of years.

During Atlantis' last days, the ego came in and gradually took over. It therefore became very important for us who had our task to code crystals, to hide the codes in different places on Mother Earth, the Pleiades and other star consciousnesses. 

Now is the time to regain all this integrated wisdom, and open up access to our full potential in our DNA. This can be done in different ways. Either by encoding different vibrations in a crystal, which by wearing this will give you the opportunity to reactivate DNA, or by receiving crystal healing to be able to connect directly to the energies that will put in once again a powerful process in retrieving your hidden DNA, so that we can again create higher vibrations and live more in harmony with who we really ARE! 

We do not yet have access to fully open up to Atlantis' highest consciousness that we had when we lived at that time, we humans must increase consciousness gradually. There are powerful currents of new consciousnesses on Mother Earth, and we have the opportunity to be with her on the "journey" to awakening! 

Welcome to distant crystal healing where we together in bliss will be able to raise our consciousness to new heights in love for ourselves and for everyone!


The New Energies is an energy balance of body, soul and spirit channeled by Iliuka, a universal love energy that has come to help humans and animals in this unique time of frequency rising.

I am a trained DNE therapist with Bente Kristine Hagene and provide treatments in this.


According to Iliuka, humanity, Mother Earth and the entire universe are undergoing a completely new and comprehensive frequency increase and change. This happens via meridians (energy lines) in all living beings on earth and in the intergalactic. There are lines of communication that convey information and energy between heaven and earth.  

The increase in frequency results in a strong influence on many levels in humans and animals. Many people experience symptoms such as pain in the body, changes in sleep patterns, depression, metabolic problems, increased sensitivity, tinnitus and more.  

According to Iliuka, there are diseases that doctors would call viruses. During these years, both swine flu, avian influenza and the coronavirus.

In both humans and animals, DNA is changing and the New Energies can help to balance these physical and mental states we get in these processes. Old blockages and imbalances also come to the surface to be able to be cleaned out during this time.

The New Energies can also help to create a greater understanding, clarity and insight into our own processes and needs. As Iliuka puts it: "Many people go a different way in life than what is determined by the plan of the soul. Many follow their learned patterns and thoughts characterized by experiences and imprints from childhood and expectations from others. This creates disturbances and slag in both body and mind.The wisdom of the New Energies coincides with the wisdom of the medicine wheel: Everything is connected and works in each other's energy.

"Now is the time to integrate the energy of the Divine Love we all carry in our hearts and live from it. Then we will be able to use our full potential, and release joy, harmony and balance on all levels."

The treatments are divided into 5 courses:

1- The basic treatment

2- The Higher Energies

3- The senses

4- Lymphatic and nervous system

5- Back to your own heart

Love yourself! "


"Opening course"
Balancing soul, body, mind & spirit

For many, this has been called an "Opening Course" - one consciously learns how to open up to the spiritual contact with oneself and others. This gives a wonderful feeling of love that many do not believe exists. Everyone gets to feel the trinity in themselves: soul, body and mind work together, learn techniques to get in touch with the power within themselves and connect to the Source everyone is a part of. You learn how to best manage your own power. But why is this so important?

Are you like the rest of us? Do you have pain that you do not get rid of, both physical and mental? Do you have inner grief or fear you do not understand? Do you suffer from a form of addiction that you can not get out of? Do you have an illness you are struggling with? Do you want to learn more about your whole being?

Then this course can be of great help to you!

By experiencing Divine power of love, one will be reminded of something absolutely essential: "that we are spiritual beings on Mother Earth!"  The experience gives a clear conviction!  

The time to search inward into oneself has many under-prioritized, as society demands that we stay focused more outside ourselves. A good piece of advice is to get to the end of the problem you are seeking to solve, by daring to look inward into your own essence, because that is exactly where the solution itself lies. Your essence is your own potential, your memory chip on everything you have experienced.

The course leader starts by imparting his knowledge of a completely new wisdom that comes from BEFORE the earth was created. The course leader will guide you into contact with your own guides and helpers.

The opportunity to feel the power of the guides' love on the course will give you an extra strong belief that this love and strength is there for you whenever needed. This is very important for us humans to take time for, if we want to become better acquainted with the whole we are all part of on Mother Earth. Something I see as absolutely necessary if we want to make our own themes conscious in us, move on and in addition redeem by forgiveness!

Because we are not able to fully trust ourselves, as we have allowed others to "control" us for generations, our loving helpers and guides will be there ALL the way through with their support to remind you of who you really are. IS!

They are there for you all the time! You will notice that you let go of acquired fear more, that you are on Mother Earth to learn, not to become a victim despite fear-based experiences and indoctrinations. A NEW consciousness will take over when we humans know who we ARE and who we can seek to find within ourselves to experience self-love. Not only know what it is, but really know this throughout us and for us! Only then can the collective consciousness  on Our Earth changes into something positive. Only then can there be peace in love, and the downward spiral of selfishness be redeemed by a higher consciousness, namely love!

Other topics that will be affected include protection. Ex: If you feel drained of energy, or "allow" others to drain of energy, it is important to learn about how to protect yourself. Kindness can not possibly lead to something good, as it will always be a suffering party. YOU can choose whether the suffering party should be you, or learn to help yourself to take responsibility for your own power. And in addition if you want, give the other party the opportunity to learn more about themselves in the same process by YOU learn to put a protection for YOU both energetically and physically. By getting to know the various tools for protection, you will learn to set boundaries and at the same time be proud to have taken this own responsibility to live - and without a guilty conscience!

"Feel free to be the change YOU want and see!".


        This course runs over two course days, from 12 -18: 00 both days with a 45 min lunch break.

Registration  here:           - is binding and must be paid in full.  

  Course day 1:  

             The doctrine of the mind             

            The doctrine of the body                   The doctrine of the soul       

                Meditation                  Balance    

Course day 2:


  Travel within you

Meeting with your guide / helper

Meet with your soul group

Regression / meditation

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