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Warrior Two


On this page you can find various movements and training tips that will help to increase the energy in your body. We have yoga, Pilates, Tibetan movement and mobility and more. This page may be important to follow as our coach will provide good advice and training tips on this page. She will also post various videos that will show different ways of training/moving.

Easy pose

Sit in this position and breathe well - hold your breath - and let your breath out as far as you can.

Repeat for 3-4 minutes

Skyte rygg i Cow stilling

Breathe in at the same time as you shoot your back,

hold your breath and exhale as far as you can.

Repeat for 3-4 minutes

Easy pose m/håndhilsen

Bring your hands above your head and let your palms meet.

Breathe well into your stomach and as far out as you can. 

Repeat for 3-4 minutes

Ned i cow stilling

Go down into the cow position, breathe in well, and at the same time as you arch your back, breathe out as far as you can.

Repeat for 3-5 minutes.

Cow position

Go down into cow position

and take 7 deep breaths in and out

Hvilestilling i cow

Go into a resting position in cow, and finish with 7 easy breaths in and out.


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