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• Contact with highest self • Inner journey • Deprogramming

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

How does your highest self communicate with you? This highest self will send you energy which for you will be received as exciting and good feelings that you want to follow because they make you happy and satisfied. When you choose not to follow this feeling from your highest self, you will feel left out, unhappy and powerless. Like a compass gone mad!

This highest self will make sure to give you the vibrations of emotions that resonate with your life map, so that you can follow your very special life path in life.

As we live in a magical and powerful body, we need to respond to our highest self through action in order for the message to come through. That is why your highest self brings forth physical possibilities for you in life so that you can handle what you are meant to do. If you act from what your highest self gives you, you will also receive more of this divine and many synchronous positive and life-giving events will be the result.

In order to increase your power to be able to rise to the level of your highest self, we need to increase the energy in our own portal of light. For this we use various chakra exercises.

The chakras are in part a form of energy transformers, delivering different frequencies of energies to the meridian system and other body systems. Other functions include communication and awareness at their frequency range.

The main set of chakras (ie flesh-body chakras) has 7 chakras. The lowest one is red named: Rotchakrae and is about physical survival, material existence etc. The second one up is orange, named: Harachakrae and is about sex and reproduction. The third is yellow; Solarplexus and is about power. Heart chakra is 4th up which is green and is about connections with everything. The 5th is turquoise; throat chakra and is about communication. The 6, named Third eye chakrae is Indigo and is about consciousness, and the top one is white and is about connection with a higher power.

As in the illustration, the main set is another set of 7, which are the chakras for the etheric body. Some belief systems mistakenly see the first of these as an eighth of the main system. Below the main chakra set is another set for the astral body. These sets apart from the main set are not really the colors I have illustrated (and the main ones only relate harmonically to the illustrated colors, since they are not in the physical universe [1] playing field), but are something like related harmonics of those colors.

In addition to the sets of 7 chakras that are on the vertical energy line (which is infinite both upwards and downwards and is where some of the energy transformed by the chakras mainly comes from), there are many other chakras (some of which are illustrated here). The most important extras are on the joints, and these are also worked on in DNE, plus there are series of chakras extending from each limb (as illustrated) The knee chakras (and the chakras in the series below each knee chakra) are particularly important for power to Kundalini. There are many ways the chakras can try to "get" your attention, often by being out of balance. Again, there are a whole host of symptoms that can indicate a chakra out of balance, but to try and keep things simple I'll only highlight one common signal for each of the seven chakras in this course.

The chakras do not begin and end with their description or definition - that is where many people stop with their understanding of them. Knowing their name and position is great, but what purpose does it serve? How useful is this information to you in your daily life? The chakras are wonderful, organic, 3-dimensional energy centers and within them they hold so many secrets.

When their energy is combined, it makes up what we call the Aura, the energy field in and around the human body. It is within this energy sphere that psychics can "see" and can discern many things about you that the "normal" person is not consciously aware of.

A lot of these things you can become more aware of yourself, and in my opinion it's your subconscious giving you some little signals, trying to get through to you. This is exactly the same and related to how your body language works, your body language is the Chakra energy at work!

In part 2 of this course, Ingunn will guide everyone into contact with their guides and helpers. Raise awareness of the contact and ensure that the course participants establish communication. She will guide you through meditation and light language and you will feel your unique power that you may never have experienced before! In addition, you will have the opportunity to travel "home" and greet your star family and the star you come from!

Through part 3 of the course, which is deprogramming, everyone will be given the opportunity to open their third eye after we all have the opportunity to let go of what is preventing the movement of the kundalini force from rising to the third eye. We are fortunate to have with us massive divine assistance from the helpers of the universe.

The third eye is said to be a gateway between humans and the spiritual realm, which when opened provides access to a state of higher consciousness. It is said that an open third eye will make the person wiser and more in line with the plan of the universe, as well as increase intuition, telepathic and psychic abilities. The third eye usually opens when the person is ready to enter his or her spiritual path, and trust me, the universe has a plan for this moment.

What is kundalini? Is also important wisdom that the course will contain together with "The human chakras" system and the "Consciousness systems" we are all a part of.

Rejoice in having our strong master and guru Ingunn Ripe to guide and give you course participants good and knowledgeable wisdom in love and security. Ingunn is a healer and medium who uses his advanced abilities for the benefit of people, animals and the planet. She works 24/7 with this mission and is on earth in all "times of transition" to assist us in finding the way forward.

I have been lucky enough to follow Ingunn since she was quite young, and she lives as she guides and it is fantastically exciting to be able to take part in her course.

Welcome to YOU,

Regards Staff.Divine w/ Geir

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