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Cord-cutting is a must!

Cord-cutting is a must!

Whether we like or not, each one of us forms energetic cords every time we interact or think of a person. There are positive cords like cords of love, cords of friendship and cords of affection etc.

These cords tend to have an uplifting effect on us and we feel great! When we’re in the presence of these people we feel inspired, and lightened with positivity.

But we have also negative cords. These cords occur when someone is using the other person as a battery. Negative cords cause us to feel drained when we are in the presence of certain people.

Doing cord-cutting regularly is tremendously beneficial for us in so many ways. You’ll notice that your energy levels will be higher, the mind quieter, certain ailments or even your financial situation may improve.

What are signs and symptoms of negative cords attachment?

Cords are etheric attachments to your aura that bind you or connect you with a person, object or situation. It can also be cords connecting directly to different body parts. They create a sense of stress and strain in your being. They may also create obsession and obligation. If you are feeling drained or obligated in a certain situation or relationship, you probably have cords attached to your aura. Some cords are past life ones, which you have still not cleared. And if those relationships are still there with you in this lifetime, then you will create the same pattern over and over again if you don’t remove those cords.

Irritation or sadness thinking of a certain time or episode in your life, also means there are attachments to your aura. If you are worried about breaking the relationship with a person by removing cords, don’t because we are not suppose to have cords to anyone actually. Not even to our children. Cords are not just based on people. There are also situations and objects people are attached to.

Emotional cords can be caused by divorces, separated couples, unable to recover from your break up. Cords always have negative emotions such as ego, fear, hurt, unforgiveness, anger. We often realize this when we enter a relationship or a job with positive expectations and then all hell breaks loose! So let’s get down to how we can remove these cords.

You can also do it by yourself by taking this meditation:

It’s important to remember that you may have multiple cords – with one person or many – and it may take a number of cord-cutting treatments to remove all the cords and heal your energy field. You may also need to take practical steps to prevent re-cording and I am happy to coach you through this process, helping you identify the actions you would like to take and supporting you to put them in place.

Cutting the cord can help you recharge your energy, feel a sense of peace, can help you let go, and can bring about new, positive opportunities.

We are constantly creating cords with many people and even objects, but if you feel drawn back to an unhealthy relationship, or want to break negative patterns or addictions, or feel a strong psychic connection to someone that is draining your energy, a cord cutting ritual may be beneficial.

Especially when it comes to relationships, cutting the cord can help break the energetic attachments created and can help you to move on to receive new opportunities in your life.

You can order cord cutting here:

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