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Welcome to the March Full Virgo Worm Moon.

The exciting energetic month of March is bringing you into more of the new you and the real you and new life. It is a great cleansing and healing that is activated deep within you through this full moon activation that Ingunn is holding today at 10 pm. As usual, this takes place through distant healing where you relax well where you are, to receive this beautiful activation.

There are always opportunities to focus on your purpose of inner healing. As well as your ancestry, blueprints , karma, and precious self expressions on the planet. The energies will amplify with the Equinox March 20, and into the 10 consecutive portal days March 20-29. Each of these days offer us new beginnings and a fresh start, on many different levels. March 20 also commences us creating our New Earth foundation for the next 6 months. Ingunn is bringing you special activation sessions throughout that time as well as an extra special healing modality she has created especially for you. 

This Full Moon in Virgo gives us the opportunity to reconnect with what makes us feel good. Virgo is bringing consciousness to our desire to be productive, busy and useful and this energy will encourage us to buckle down and get things done particularly the matters that play a major role in helping you accomplish your dreams and aspirations. When the Moon is in the sign of Virgo, it helps us become more organised and focused in our creative endeavours. The Sun in Pisces provides the inspiration for the vision and intuition. This is an ideal time to think about what should be eliminated and what should remain. Virgo is all about organisation and as a result we may be able to let go of projects, relationships, or ideas that do not make sense to us at this time.

By August we will feel the purification of the former version of self and feel liberated and ready to shine brighter light, to be seen, and you will commence the next level in the New Earth. We can expect major kundalini activations and upgrades as the emotional body completes healing and transmuting trauma. This is what is absolutely necessary for the heart chakra expansions and upgrades to merge the inner masculine and inner feminine, this will also enhance your auric fields for the Ascension rising. If you feel like the world is not supporting you with this, it’s time to remember your ancestors chose you to be the expression of healing and not the bearer of your pain.

You may be sensing an intensity in the current earth energy and experiencing heightened emotions as old memories resurfacing, causing fatigue and an overwhelm in your feelings. This is most likely due to the current intense cosmic storms. Over the last few days consecutive powerful cosmic flares have erupted. These explosions eject magnetised particles and radiation that are directed towards Earth. They have an extremely profound and powerful impact on our emotional, mental and physical wellbeing as they create transformational energy shifts. You could expect life changing breakthroughs as well as time going very fast or very slow. You can access your ability to manifest. You are detoxing and clearing. You may also experience vivid dreams and waking up between 2am and 4am as there will be a restlessness increase, heightened intuition and altered perceptions and you also may need more rest and time out. 

Ingunn will send more updates after the full moon group session today at 10 pm.

A warm welcome ❤️

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