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    11:01 the activation of the 111 portal

    • 11/01 represents easy access to higher realms, allowing you to support your ascension process, expand your consciousness, and tap into deep soul insight and self-healing.
      In numerology, the number 11 is considered to be a master number. Considered to be the most intuitive number, it carries strong codes of initiation, psychic ability, spirituality and enlightenment.
      11 also carries the codes for liberation, shedding old habits, removing negativity and entering into something new. It is about transforming the old and oneself into a new creation.

      11:01 Wake-up codes:
      Receiving the 11:01 codes for awakening is the same as letting go of the old and infusing your life with the energy of spiritual new beginnings.
      It is about accessing the highest light of Spirit and stepping into more of your truth and claiming the illumination, expansion and spiritual love that is possible.
      Vibrationally, the universal energies behind 11:01 seek to support you in growing...

      By catching a glimpse of what is truly possible for you to create and experience in your life and letting go of all that stands in the way and blocks you from aligning and embodying the most vibrant possibilities for your life, I have channeled down a powerful meditation from The Council Of Light.

      11:01 am
      The wakeup codes for 11:01 are here...
      But it's up to you to claim them!
      All the potential for growth and transformation is here and waiting... But you are the one who has to tune in!
      Are you willing?
      To support you in tuning into the refined states of consciousness, Divine Well-Being and Heightened Consciousness, the 11:01 Codes can give you unique access.
      I am pleased to share with you now, an incredible 11:01  channeling with The Council of Light.

      Introducing 111 portal activation!

      In this exceptional 11:01 portal activation, you will be guided lovingly and powerfully to step through the 111 portal to synchronize with the highest expression of your soul light! This portal has never been possible to open before this time!

      The 11:01 gate is an archetypal opening to the Spirit realm. A doorway you can walk through to travel on wings of love through the inner planes. You can access healing, higher consciousness and expanded states of consciousness.

      Channeled with The Council of Light, this high vibration will support you in tuning into your highest divine light and accessing the latest levels of ascension energy, light codes and expanded states of coherent crystalline consciousness available to you now.

      The series begins with a powerful cleansing and cleansing of the mind, body, emotions and spirit to prepare you for the powerful initiation and transformation possible by passing through the 11:01 Gate.

      You will truly be lifted up on angelic wings to prepare for the incredible experience of embodying your highest soul light.
      Learn through direct experience how to invoke and walk through the 11:01 Gate yourself, so you can bring new levels of light and awakening codes into your life experience!

      You can take this meditation throughout January and February to support your ascension process!



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