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A warm welcome to meditation with completely new and powerful energies that   enter the earth plane on 8/8 - through the opening of the portal: Lion's gate and new moon in the Lion. Now you have the opportunity to take all this in through this powerful meditation, and you will be able to receive activations for your highest good, led by Quan Yin who is a Goddess of mercy from the East, the West's answer to the Virgin Mary.

Feel free to read more about her here:

Quan Yin will give of her healing and activation during this meditation journey and she has a special focus on family, women and children, releasing suffering. She represents a strong symbol of love and compassion and asks us to hold compassion for ourselves and others. She can open up to travelers so that we can travel and move freely in this world again, something that the world really needs to balance.

The Lions Gate portal will officially close on 12/8, but remember you can always tap into this powerful energy whenever you feel the need. 

IT IS REALLY GREAT THAT THESE POWERFUL ENERGIES ARE ENTERING THE EARTH PLANET THIS WEEK, and we have the opportunity to take all of this in with this new consciousness that opens on 8/8-2021.

We will be able to integrate a completely new software of new and powerful energies into our lives. Manifest miracles and receive powerful healing!
Remember that the number 8 stands for eternal wealth and success, so here there are many elements that come into play. 

Wishing you all a really strong and healing meditation journey in light and love.

You will receive an mp3 file with this meditation.

The buyer will receive a link to download their digital products on the thank you page after payment, along with an emailed link that will last for 30 days.

Important! Remember to save the file to preserve the meditation.

The meditation is protected by the Copyright Act §1-118 where Ingunn Ripe owns all the rights. This means that it is forbidden to copy, sell or distribute this item.

8/8- Lions gate and New Moon activation

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