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This bracelet can be coded with

different purposes in connecting you to:


- your highest self

- your guides

- your soul group

- your masters of ascension

- The Pleiades and your star

- your healing group


Do you have a very special wish?

Then I can activate the crystal and

connect you to the frequency of a

desire that will lie within:


- the healing frequency

- money rate

- sleep rate

- the detox frequency

- digestion rate

the frequency of peace

- the creative frequency

and so on.....


Since I have had this task

with coding of crystals from

Atlantis, has this property

opened up again for me and me

have the opportunity to take these abilities

in use again.


NB! Since everyone has their own responsibility for in  take care of themselves, this is only a supplement that will help  in your process. 

Bracelet Berg crystal

  • Remember to clean the crystal in water when you receive it or leave it on the ground in sunlight for a few hours. You can also put the crystal in a little sea salt for an hour or two. 

    It is very important that the crystal is cleaned regularly, as crystals attract energies from the surface.

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