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This product is for balancing all chakras and gives a healing effect. The contents are Egyptian lavender as well as herbs that work in teams to create the frequency chakras need to be able to adjust to create balance.  Very effective if you struggle with stress, heaviness, fatigue and poor motivation. Super for use every morning with a small shower from the bottle, you get a "fresh" start to the day. Excellent for use before and after meditation, as it opens and closes the chakras.

Chakrae Spray

SKU: 364215376135191
  • This recipe is from ancient Egypt and has been used for over a hundred years. Can really be recommended on animals as well. They love this, and the tick hates this smell. 


  • You can also pick up this product yourself in Bergen or in Trondheim at Vitam Focus' premises, if you want to avoid shipping. Remember to bring a receipt and send us an email when you want to pick up the item.

    Fabrikkvegen 1, 5265 in Ytre Arna - Bergen

    Tempeveien 8, 7031 Trondheim

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