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For each lunar phase, it can be good to consciously participate with your own energy. In this meditation you get to know your own energy in layers with the power of the new moon and the heart of the new Mother Earth. You connect to a new and powerful energy network  which will lift you up and give you vitality and new strength. We are more open to the power of the moon in several ways and through meditation you will be able to balance the old with new power. Eliminate what you want out of life and obtain what you want into life. The meditation is over 25 minutes. 


The music is composed by my good friend Gandalf:


You will receive an mp3 file with this meditation.

Buyer will receive a link to download their digital products on the thank you page after payment, along with an emailed link that will last for 30 days. Important! Remember to save the file to preserve the meditation.

The meditation is protected by the Copyright Act §1-118 where Ingunn Ripe owns  all rights. That is, it is forbidden to copy, sell or distribute this item.

New moon meditation

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