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Exciting toothpaste that contributes to good oral hygiene and protects teeth like gums. Organically produced mint with extra virgin coconut oil provides natural protection against caries without the use of fluoride or other toxic additives.

To get a fresh and healthy gum, we have added orange oil with aloe vera.  Tooth enamel is naturally strengthened with xylitol which is also added to this unique product.

Together, the ingredients contribute  to antacid properties that protect against weakening of tooth enamel.

This is a very good toothpaste also for children, who can often get  in itself a little too much toothpaste during brushing.

The toothpaste does not contain glycerin as most people do, glycerin can make the enamel more susceptible to manual damage during brushing. The toothpaste is free of both fluoride and soaps. 


NB: The toothpaste should be stored at room temperature.

Toothpaste with mint 50 gr

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