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Tarpanam is the time of the year when you can seek your ancestors to sort out your family's karma. Your ancestors will be especially searching towards you at this time of year. They need to release their own karma through you and the best way to do this is to come down to earth for a visit.

Many will notice this through restlessness, restlessness, nausea, fatigue and so on.

For a full 15 days, Vedic priests will work on your behalf to create peace between you and your ancestors in areas such as health, finances, career and relationships.

This is very powerful and very important! I have tried this blessing myself, which has been a great help in my life!


Write down your mother's parents and then your father's parents, and for only NOK 1,200 you will be worked on for 15 days straight with our highly skilled Vedic priests from India.

From this income, the priests will work for orphans and children through the organization Tripura Foundation.



"Ancestors on the mother's side and father's side...they descend on the earth plane because of the problems they are experiencing. Sometimes they are very good, most of the time they are not very good. So, they come here seeking the help of their descendants to help them so that they can help you. This is the time they are coming and knocking at your door. If you miss, and they are in bad shape, you are in bad shape. That is the reason why these 15 days will be the time period you should not miss. You can fix it and how do you fix it? That is through the Tarpanam offering, the food offering to your ancestors.

Participate in All 15 Days of Ancestor Blessings

Mahalaya Paksha (15 days of Ancestor Offerings) is considered to be the most critical time of the year for you to perform Tarpanam for your ancestors to gain relief from chronic problems and receive a lifetime of blessings.

Under the guidance of guru Baskaran Center is making available an opportunity to benefit from ancestor offerings performed by priest specialists on your behalf, in key ancestor powerspots in India, targeted to help liberate your ancestors in need and bring the destiny-changing grace of your exalted ancestors.


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