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The soap nuts are completely natural fruits that contain completely natural soap. Use them on the laundry instead of detergent. Good for you, good for the environment and good for your wallet.

1 kg Wash nuts

  • The soap nuts contain natural soap with the equally natural ingredient saponin. What the saponins do is to break down the surface tension of the water, so that it can more easily penetrate the fibers in the clothes and thus wash them clean. The wash nuts are not really nuts, but cultivated fruit - completely without artificial additives. Perfect for all those who have sensitive skin, want to avoid chemicals in everyday life, care about the environment or simply want to save money.


          Facts about the wash nuts:

    • Completely natural "nuts" that contain a kind of soap!
    • Used instead of detergent / fabric softener
    • Put in a recyclable cloth bag (included)
    • The clothes get a light, fresh scent
    • One kg of walnuts lasts for a normal family for one year
    • Cost per wash: approx. 70 øre
    • Active substance: saponins
    • The "nuts" are actually fruits - there is no danger for nut allergy sufferers
    • Approximately five nuts per wash (can be reused three to five times)
    • Replace the nuts when they have become dry and crispy
    • Wash in cold water: soak some nuts in warm water and use the liquid for washing
    • The bag can be left in during rinsing
    • Contains 1 kg of wash nuts (approx. 370 pieces)
    • Store dry and cool

    Yes, you read that right. When washing, fill the small bag with about five nuts. The nuts can be reused three to five times. A package  wash nuts contain about 370 nuts. This means that you have between 300 and 400 laundry in front of you before you have to buy new nuts!


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